Vergunning voor nieuw locatie is akkoord

De vergunning voor de nieuwe locatie van Van Os Gym / Loeks Gym is door de gemeente goedgekeurd.

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    That’s a good question. It used to be at the bottom of each post, but disappeared. Anyhow, you’re the first non-family member to “like” any of my content, so I guess WordPress decided this site doesn’t need a like button.I appreciate the compliment – particularly from an accomplished musician.

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    DAMN, tonight I experienced the wrath of I wasnt trying to hype anything up as a world premiere or anything, but I was told that I would have the joint for this Friday.Clearly that wasn’t the case. As soon as I get it, I’ll post it up.Big shout to everyone who locked in!

  9. Because of the 5 hours’ flight, climate and geography you tend to feel like you are not in US anymore. As soon as we landed in Hilo and even before the airplane was taxied, I heard the woman sitting behind us screaming ” are you f….g crazy” to her husband over the phone because he was apparently getting late to pick her up. That just reminded me where we were.

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